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Breakfast Options


Served 7:30am to 11:00am

Berry Yogurt Parfaits


Breakfast Oats

Breakfast Sandwiches

Croissant - Bagel - Bread - Hashbrown (GF)

Egg - Gouda - Cheddar

Ham - Bacon - Beef Sausage

Lettuce - Tomato -  Bell Peppers






Main Dish

Jambalaya (GF, *contains shrimp)

Veggie "Meat" Pie (V)


Cabbage Roll Soupp (GF V)

Italian Veggie (GF, V)

Beef & Barley


Classic Potato Salad  (GF VE)

Kale Salad (GF V)

All our Soups & Salads are $4.25 for 8oz or $6.75 for 12oz

We also sell 1 litre containers for $10



Cheese, Plain, Whole Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin, and Everything, Baked Fresh Daily, call to order some to take home! $8.75 for 6

Served with Cream Cheese, Herb and Garlic Cream Cheese, Butter, Honey, Peanut Butter, Apple Butter or our Jams and Jellies


Roast Beef 5.00

Ham & Cheese 5.00

Egg Salad 4.50

Tuna Salad 4.50

Chicken Breast 5.00

Grilled Cheese 4.50

BLT 5.00

PB & J 3.50

All our sandwiches are made fresh to order.

We would be happy to bake a custom dessert just for you too!

6" Cakes $21

8" Cakes $26.75

Pastry Pies $12.50-$15

Squares $2 Each or $15 for a Pan

Cupcakes $3.50 Each or $10 for 4

And so much more! Your imagination is the limit, we would be happy to make whatever kind of treat would make you smile.

The listed prices are the base line, cakes may be more expensive based on complex flavor or decoration