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Kavaccino's Cafe & Catering Family


He's the owner you'll see most of the time since he does a lot of the "upstairs" work. He also does a lot of errand running and bill paying. 

He enjoys board games, sports, staff games nights and fun fact he was a provincial team speed skater at the Olympic Oval in Calgary.



Has been working here the longest, and does almost all of the day time drink making. She may not remember your name but will usually remember if you like one cream or two in you tea. 

She enjoys crafts, staff games night, cake and cookie decorating and girls night at the range with her sister(s)



This is the Chef and one of the Owners, she has her Red Seal in Culinary Arts from SAIT/NAIT and also manages most of the social media and web aspects of the cafe.

She enjoys cooking (thankfully!), painting, staff games night and knows basically every piece of Disney movie trivia ever.



Always willing to pitch in and do what needs to be done. Lark is even willing to take on the repetitive, tedious tasks like weighing out fresh coffee beans, and putting stickers on hundreds of cake boxes! 

They enjoy writing, reading, drawing, singing and staff games night! Fun fact about Lark is that they know everything about moths.

Our Team
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